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Southern Illinois University Carbondale   Tuition and Fees

SIU Carbondale Other Student Fees

Students applying for admission to SIU Carbondale must pay a non-refundable application fee at the time of application.

First-time students who register for on-campus credit will be charged a one-time ID card fee of $10.  Students get their ID card from the ID Card Office in the Student Center.  If needed later, a replacement ID card will cost an additional amount.

Students enrolled in certain programs (majors) may have fees that are charged as a condition of being enrolled in such a program.  For example, program-specific technology fees are charged to majors in certain schools or colleges.1

Incoming first-time and transfer undergraduate degree-seeking on-campus students – as well as incoming on-campus international graduate students – are assessed a one-time $150 Matriculation Fee to cover the costs associated with their orientation to campus.2

Certain courses have course-specific fees that are charged as a condition of enrollment in such a course.  Such course-specific fees are set by the departments (and are subject to change with each new academic year), though any such fees exceeding $200 per course require explicit approval by the SIU Board of Trustees.  Course-specific fees are noted by course in the online Schedule of Classes listings.3

On-campus students living in University Housing will pay room and board charges in addition to tuition and general student fees.

Students first registering for full-term classes after the advance registration period has ended will be assessed a $15 late registration fee, as will students first registering for shorter-than-full-term classes after the first day of the course.  The fee is non-refundable and cannot be waived unless it is clearly shown that faculty or administrative action caused the late registration.  (Registration in graduate courses 599, 600, 601, or 699 shall be exempt from this fee.)

Students applying to graduate must pay a non-refundable graduation application fee at that time.

Students may also incur charges for excess breakage of equipment used in a course, as well as for library fines.  There is also a charge for students to order official copies of their academic transcript.

1 Technology fee amounts:   $4.58 per credit hour up to 12 credit hours in Fall and Spring for undergraduate majors in the College of Agricultual Sciences;   $6 per credit hour up to 12 credit hours in Fall and Spring (up to 6 credit hours in Summer) for undergraduate and graduate majors in the College of Business (unless they are paying the differential tuition surcharge);   $10 per credit hour up to 12 credit hours in Fall and Spring (up to 6 credit hours in Summer) for undergraduate and graduate majors in the School of Art and Design;   $50 per term in Fall, Spring, and Summer for professional students in the School of Medicine.

2 More information about the various orientation opportunities is available from New Student Programs.  More information about international student orientation opportunities is available hereThese Matriculation Fees are assessed for the term in which the student registers for their fourth on-campus credit hour within their first year of enrollment.

3 Course-specific fees may be described on a student's bill as course fees, lab fees, studio fees, equipment fees, field trip fees, transportation fees, etc.  The flight training charges on many of the AF courses for students in the Aviation Flight program are also considered to be course-specific fees.