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SIU Carbondale Withdrawal Refund Deadlines

Withdrawing from the University is a serious decision.  While some students may simply reduce their course load for the term by dropping one or more classes -- but not all of them -- other students will completely leave the University after the term has started.  Students in this latter group are withdrawing from the University and are removed from all of their classes,1 and it is for this group of students that the information on this page applies.2

Tuition and mandatory student fees assessed for a term shall be refunded to students who officially withdraw from the University by the following deadlines within the term:

If Classes Meet for
        Deadline for Withdrawal
to Receive Full Refund3
        Deadline for Withdrawal
to Receive Partial Refund4
     8 weeks or longer     end of 2nd week     end of 4th week    
     4 to 7 weeks     end of 1st week     end of 2nd week    
     2 to 3 weeks     1st day     4th day    
     less than 2 weeks     1st day     2nd day    

Eligibility for the above tuition refunds will be determined by the beginning date of the course and the last day of the student's attendance (i.e., the date the student officially withdraws from the University).

1 A student who merely stops attending all of their classes for which they are registered will not necessarily be considered as withdrawing from the University.  Students who wish to withdraw and leave the University after the start of the term are expected to officially obtain a withdrawal by contacting the Registrar's Office, the Graduate School, or the School of Law (as appropriate for the student's program of study).  A student who withdraws will have a withdrawal notation posted on their academic transcript for that term.

2 Withdrawing from the University will affect a student's academic progress, and possibly also their financial aid (including their student loan repayment schedule), their University Housing contract, and their student health insurance.  If a student is considering withdrawing and leaving the University, they should first consult with others who can assist them in understanding all of the implications of such an action.  Please see this page for more information on withdrawing from the University.  Any student who fails to comply with the withdrawal procedures will receive appropriate grades for the semester and must satisfy the financial obligations for the semester.

3 This full refund will include a 100% refund of tuition and mandatory student fees.  For refund purposes, a week is considered to end on Sunday.

4 This partial refund will include a 50% refund of tuition but no mandatory student fees.  However, students enrolled in courses that are 8 weeks or longer will also receive a 100% refund of mandatory student fees if they officially withdraw from the University within the 3rd week.  In all cases of a 50% refund of tuition, students will also be assessed an administrative fee of $100.00.  For refund purposes, a week is considered to end on Sunday.