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Southern Illinois University Carbondale   Tuition and Fees

Fall 2023 Tuition and Fees Information

The SIU Board of Trustees (BOT) approved tuition and mandatory fee rates for Fall 2023 at their April 27, 2023 meeting.  The below is a summary of the essential costs that were approved.  More details are now included in the Tuition and Fee Calculators.

Tuition Costs for Fall 2023

Undergraduate and Law tuition rates will not increase, nor will most graduate tuition rates (though the DMSc and the Physician Assistant Studies [MSPA] rates will).  Overall, the baseline resident-equivalent tuition rates per credit hour will be as follows:

  • $321.25 ... Undergraduate (most students)
  • $369.50 ... Undergraduate (CoBA students)
  • $469.50 ... Graduate (most students)
  • $540.00 ... Graduate (CoBA students)
  • $854.00 ... Graduate (online MBA program)
  • $615.00 ... Graduate (DMSc program)
  • $939.00 ... Graduate (MSPA program)
  • $547.00 ... Law

Mandatory Fee Costs for Fall 2023

The Student Insurance Fee will increase, as will the General Student Fee for exclusively online and/or off-campus students.  Overall, the mandatory fee rates will be as follows:

  • $120.00 per hour ...... General Student Fee (on-campus)
  • $80.00 per hour ........ General Student Fee (online/off-campus)
  • $1,139.00 per term ... Student Insurance Fee
  • $3.00 per term .......... [Undergraduate] Student-to-Student Grant Fee
  • $499.00 per term ...... [Law] Academic Support Fee

Other Costs for Fall 2023

On-campus students living in University Housing will pay room and board charges as noted here.

Any course-specific fees are noted by course in the online Schedule of Classes search results.