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Tuition and Fee Policies, Rates, and Calculators

        – cost estimates for recent and upcoming terms for on-campus and off-campus (distance learning) students
        – for additional information on costs – and changes to undergraduate tuition – for Fall 2017, please see here
               ♦ bottom line #1:  non-Illinois resident domestic undergraduates will be able to pay an in-state tuition rate starting Fall 2017
               ♦ bottom line #2:  yes, this applies to incoming, continuing, and re-entering non-resident domestic undergraduates
               ♦ bottom line #3:  yes, there really is nothing additional that the non-resident domestic undergraduate has to do in order for this to happen
               ♦ bottom line #4:  no, this will not automatically make the non-resident domestic undergraduate be considered an Illinois resident
               ♦ bottom line #5:  no, this change does not apply to international undergraduates or to domestic or international non-undergraduate students